Monday, July 02, 2007

Failed analogy

Given that it is summer, I thought I would provide you with just snack writing, gentle reader. Snacks are the best summer cuisine. Rather than "snacks" I think we should use the Spanish word tapas. When I think of Spain I think of eternal summer, even though I know it is not aways summer there and they do, indeed have cold weather, pine trees, and snow.

One can dream of the land of eternal summer, however.

So the point of tapas is not to have a point. You just eat small portions until you are full, drink some wine, and then fall asleep beneath and Andalusian sky.

You wake up to bread and cheese and then start the whole thing over again. That's what summer is and that is what writing in the summer is.

Too bad it has to end.


  1. Waking up to coffee and milk, bread with butter and fresh strawberry jam.

  2. Sounds excellent.

    I think bread was invented by Satan, however.

  3. Very apropos--you took me right back to the languid mediodias in spain, eating my fill, sleeping a bit on someone's couch, and awakening to postre (usually fruit).