Tuesday, July 31, 2007

About Us - Careers

Should I apply for this: About Us - Careers?


  1. If I cared about your happiness, I would say yes. And I _do_ care about your happiness. But I care about my own happiness more--obviously, my happiness is more important than yours!--so I say, no, please don't.

  2. Well did you note that it is a telecommuting PART-TIME job?! Did you also note what they expect the person to do in a PART-TIME job? My god.

    Anyway, I would take it on part-time because it would be fun and I might get to meet TLA folks.

    Like they'd ever even deign to offer it to me. They prefer a New York or Chicago resident and I don't have the recorded experience to even stand a chance.

    Still I bet this part-time job pays twice as much as I current earn.

    So what I am saying is that it would be rather easy for me to work my current job and a part-time job (but since their job is not really part-time, I doubt that it would.)