Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Hat trick

Hat trick, originally uploaded by Theorris.

My grandpa used to grow daylilies by the thousand. He was a farmer, afterall, and liked all manner of plants and growing things. As for daylilies: it is kind of cool to think that a flower only blooms for one day and then wilts.


  1. Nice! Did you Photoshop this?

  2. Aside from a crop, nope!

  3. I might note that I cropped it to bring out the drama of the flowers. You might note that it is slightly out of focus. I'm not sure how that happened, but it gives it a nice sof appearance.

  4. Hey, what lens are you using for your macro stuff? It looks great, esp the tomatoes on the vine from a couple of days ago.

    I didn't notice those flowers being soft, although the bg is of course.

    But I love how dark green the bg is going, late in the day, you can see a little sun kicking through back there, but just barely, but the fg just pops, really nice!