Tuesday, July 24, 2007

O! Pioneers!

What better way to celebrate our pioneer heritage than two-stepping it? Come and trip it as you go, on the light fantastic toe, as it were. Dance along with Brother Brigham if you dare!


  1. I have so many comments!

    1. B. Young clearly has the snake hips--I only wish I could have seen the fancy footwork.
    2. O. Pratt looks a little like Trent Harris, if Trent Harris had a crazy polygamous beard.
    3. They should definitely throw a salsa dance event in the Tabernacle.

  2. Hey you! Long time no... well, um, long time no post a comment on your blog!

    Happy pioneer day.

    (formerly d-lo btw)

  3. You are my new favorite person. I ain't lyin. I'm choking on my bread

  4. @SE: I am afraid I am guilty of creating this. I believe I first made it in 2000. It has become a Pioneer Day tradition (kind of like the listing of grievances in Festivus.)

    @D-Lo: Heya! What have you been up to? Are you living abroad?

  5. This is Terry Gilliam-esque. What he would no doubt have produced if he had grown up in Utah. Do make more!

  6. MB, I am honored by the comparison. In any case this was made about 8 years ago now. 8 years of wonderous dancing Prophets!

    I do have another feature Brother Brigham. It is called "Tickle-me Brigham." I might post that again the Internet's tubes some day.

    Did I mention that when I first showed this to Melissa that she actually cried she was laughing so hard?

  7. I seriously don't remember ever seeing this before, but it made me cry again this time.

  8. I officially make doves cry!

    Maybe its my mother? Maybe its my father?