Friday, August 03, 2007

Why am I so amused by this story? - Missing Hiker Found

The best quotation from the story:

"Rescuers say generally it's not a good idea to take a sleeping pill when you're lost in the mountains. They say you need to be awake in order to be rescued. They say they were calling his name last night, and say if he was awake he probably would have heard them."

Who the hell goes hiking with sleeping pills anyway? Demanding readers want to know, KSL!

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  1. That IS funny. "they say you need to be awake in order to be rescued." Yeah, that generally helps.

  2. Well obviously they have never heard of Jesus.

  3. This was really from The Onion, right? Right?

  4. Ok, so as a camper addicted to Ambien, I have some empathy. I'm not sure I've ever carried any Ambien while hiking but if I had some and I figured I was not getting out then I'd probably take one as I'd never get any sleep without help. Maybe he was scared and just wanted some sleep!!!