Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Ashamed or "Punk ass Kids"

Punk ass kids, originally uploaded by Theorris.

I posted this photo over on flickr because I was quite amused by the antics, but after talking to my friend Tif and then reading what Dr. Write has to say about commonplace violence, was quite shamed by my actions:

The bored, little, teenage wannabe baller punks* up the street have taken to throwing apples at cars. My house is across the street from their vantage point and, consequently, their spent ammo ends up in my yard.

I shouted at them last night with a classic Hank Hill line: "Are you going to stop doing that, or am I going to have to come over there and kick your ass." Aside from a little back talk from them, they quickly dispersed, especially when I charged from the porch to the sidewalk. Great fun.

It is not to hard to track down who the kids are, given that the neighbor up the street has an apple tree in his back yard next to their basketball hoop where these dipshits practice their mad ball skillz. It is going to be fun when the cops show up the next time they decide to pull this crap.

*You know the type: 15 year old rich white boys dressing in basketball gear as a sort of uniform, and think it actually conveys on them some sort of ability and right to cop an attitude with anyone they meet.


  1. Is it wrong that I love the Hank Hill line?

  2. I also like the father from "That 70s Show." Basically if you call someone a dumbass, that's funny. Try that too.
    And I support you yelling at the kids. I think kids are rude. Well, some of them. I just don't want you to go to jail for assault.
    But if you did, MB would bail you out.

  3. And I tried to teach thugs like these at one point. I didn't mind the less affluent kids but for some reason the well-to-do suburb punks were unbearable.

  4. Damn straight I would bail him out. Then me and theorris would track them kids down.

  5. MB: that fantasy is definitely amusing. Instead of bailing me out, however, you should get your horse and pull out one of the jail's barred windows. After we wreck vengeance on the terrible teens, we can get rid of the corrupt Marshall who is doing nothing but the bidding of the rich mine owner!

  6. Yell at those mofos. Threaten them. I hate them.