Sunday, August 12, 2007

Quiet (photo haibun)

Quiet (photo haibun), originally uploaded by Theorris.

After the rain storm
Silence falls over the woods
Summer heat returns


  1. I love the haibun form, and think it is very cool to use a photo for the prose part. Opens all kinds of meta-formal-questions.

    The photos aren't opening for me, here or in your flickr--I wonder why?

  2. never mind--they're opening now. I was probably too quick on the draw from when you uploaded them.

  3. Thanks. I was thinking of how the haibun is usually just an expurgated story of how the haiku came about and how an image could take the place of the descriptive narrative. I'm thinking, too, of creating longer pieces that have both image and descriptive narrative.

  4. Have you read Narrow Road to the Interior--or whatever that Basho poem is? One thing I like about the prose aspect of haibun is that it gives the rough-and-ready aspect of life with the small gems of the haiku flashing and gleaming out of all that.