Sunday, August 12, 2007

Renga, anyone?

Since I'm officially on vacation, I'm thinking of work--well some would probably not call it the writing I do as work, but they can go to hell. I like the idea of staying up late huddled in front of my computer fiddling around with words: the crickets outside singing the hours away.

Anyone want to write a Renga with me? Kendrakoo? lisa b? Dr. Write? Middlebrow? Condiment? Anyone?

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  1. Sure, but you start.

  2. That's one in! We should have at least 2 more people to do it right. Should we write it here or in another venue?

  3. hmm. here is simple--any other ideas? we could also compose via e-mail, then publish here and abroad . . .

  4. Have you ever used Google Documents? Senor Middlebrow is the Rey of Google Documents.

  5. I've made a sôshô (宗匠) executive decision and have made a Google Document with the first hokku. I've sent invitations to Hightouch, Middlebrow, Dr. Write, Condiment, Kendrakoo, and lis. If you want in, let me know and I'll add you.