Thursday, May 03, 2007

Signifying nothing Biggest Basketball Asshole of the Year

Well the NBA has its MVP of the year, so your friendly Signifying nothing editor has decided to establish the "Signifying nothing Biggest Basketball Asshole of the Year." (The Snabby Shabby Assholaria.)

While there were many good candidates this year all the way from overly-whiny players to overly-zealous, you want to fight, big guy? you want to fight? referees, (drum roll please) the Snabby Shabby Assholaria goes to Carmelo Anthony of the unfortunate Denver Nuggets for his sucker-punch run away! run away! style.

(Rim shot.)

Good job, Melo you asshole, you! If you're going to throw a punch like that, at least have the balls to stick around and face the consequences. Pussy. (See Condiment: I've been out of high school for nigh on 2.5 decades and I can use "pussy" in appropriate circumstances and with not a flinch of shame at my Jr. High-based language.)

Any nominees for the Basketball Asshole Hall of fame?


  1. Now that's basketball. I nominate Dustin for the Basketball Asshole Hall of Fame.

  2. Melo may be it for the year, but Ron Artest, maybe? and Kobe B. has Lifetime Achievement Award of Assholitude.

  3. I would like to break a rule or two and nominate the whole San Antonio Spurs basketball team. Although they don't outwardly display assholeism in any manner society would deem as assholeism, they do it a much more subtle under-the-surface manner. They bitch, cry, argue and FLOP at such an alarming rate that I swear I'm watching a soccor match. It has almost elevated to a part of their culture in SA, and it is so annoying. I realize Crawford (the ref that challenged Duncan to a fight) is a hot-head and deserves his punishment, but his words were of a man who is completely sick and tired of the Spurs' shananagans. It's bad for the game, due to it's sorry example for kids, as well as for the simple, b-ball loving fan. PLAY THE GAME AND STOP BITCHING!!

  4. These are oldies but goodies:

  5. The Basketball Asshole Hall of Fame might be named after Bobby, Condiment. I remember that chair incident quite vividly. I was watching the game.