Friday, May 25, 2007


Near-miss, originally uploaded by Theorris.

I was walking back from the corner Tesoro moments ago when witnessed what surely would have been a terrible car wreck. Minding my own early-summer business, enjoying the pleasant air and the warm sun, I heard the sudden screeching peel of rubber against road. Looking up, I saw a small Toyota pickup coming to a halt right in front of a Ford red F150 with a grounds keeper trailer tagging along behind. The F150 peeled out quick, crossing dangerously close to the now stopped Toyota, barreling away much too fast for this suburban road.

As the Toyota driver resumed his course after a brush with death, I noted his oddly placed smile. Sometimes it is funny how we react to dangerous situations. The scent of burning rubber hung in the air.


  1. I'm just glad this wasn't left by the elderly neighbor across the way. Do you or Catinthelap still have the video documentary of her trying to back out of her driveway?

  2. Yes. I think we made a movie of it. Hmm. I'll check.