Sunday, May 13, 2007

Fast games

I've read various commentators who state that the Jazz should slow the game down against Golden State. Such an action, I think, would be a mistake. Golden State while they look like a fast team, play very sloppily when the pace speeds up. That was proved by Dallas, who, unfortunately for them, thought they should slow it down. The Jazz just need to play their solid game as they did tonight and in their initial loss in the series. Yes, the Jazz played exceedingly well in that first game. You can't, however, recover from miraculous 3 point shots (even though the Jazz literally spanked Golden State in the fourth quarter of that game.) Tonight showed the real seasoned Jazz presence. They held tight and didn't panic in spite of what looked like another route in the second quarter. They played smart even in unjustified foul trouble.

I'm now officially proclaiming the Jazz will move on to the fourth round. Neither Phoenix nor San Antonio has the team to beat them. Of course Golden State has a small chance to pull out a miracle and win three of the next four games, but it would take serious malfeasance or injuries on the Jazz to do it. Either those or my Ostertag nightmare could come into effect.

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  1. Re: your proclamation: I am with you my brother. (furiously knocking on wood and wood substitutes)