Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Go Jazz!

Go Jazz!, originally uploaded by Theorris.

Jazz lost.

Oh well, they had a great season and bested my game one prediction by 2 series.

Things to look for: a Kirilinko trade; Araujo becomes a starting forward opposite Boozer with Boozer playing center when Okur opts to be shooting forward that he really is; Fisher gives way more to Dee Brown; Okur recovers from his new-found fatherhood and finds his game again; CJ Miles is finally traded because his purpose on the team is pointless (he will, of course, go on to be a great player for another team in the great tradition of former Jazz guards); and someone in the front office will get a clue and obtain a full compliment of players instead of focusing on one position (such as guard) that they've done in the past.

The season is done. I plan on watching no more basketball intentionally until October.


  1. From my perspective I thought Okur was a large contributing factor to the Jazz losing this series. I don't care what style of game you prefer, 15-25 ft. fadeaways with the best defender in the game in your face is NEVER a high percentage shot. He could have been a huge factor if he took it to the cup and got Duncan in foul trouble. He was also incredibly slow in his defensive rotations, allowing Spurs' small guys to have easy layups. He doesn't seem to exemplify Sloan's hard-nosed approach to the game, but I guess he can chalk it up to new fatherhood. Offseason?......they need an athletic SG to offset all the attention to Williams on the perimeter, and I don't think Giricek is the guy to do it. Perhaps that Brewer guy.

  2. Okur's performance has sucked since the new baby came along. I just give it to new parenthood. Kirilinko also had a child added to his brood about the same time, but his reasons for falling apart seem to have more to do with his dissatisfaction at being trumped out of his forward position and into a more all-around kind of spot. Hell he was playing guard when Fisher was out. One could make the argument that Okur wasn't in it after he was injured at the All Star game; maybe he is feeling the effects of a long season. Who knows.

  3. I will probably watch the finals just for fun. I must say, I've enjoyed the postseason more without the Jazz in it--it made me nervous and I cared too much. Still, there were a lot of great Jazz moments this year. It will be an interesting off-season. I didn't much care for the Boozer/Williams calling out of their teammates. Oh well. That's pro sports fer ya.