Thursday, May 10, 2007

You gotta love it, baby!

Fisher, however, headed straight for the scorer's table once he arrived in the third quarter from a trip to New York with his family, and checked in immediately. The crowd erupted in a huge ovation, and after the game, several of Fisher's former teammates on the Warriors hugged him in support.
'He's a big-time player,' Williams said. 'He's a special player. He's hit big shots all his career. For him to do what he did . . . He got off the plane, he didn't warm up, he didn't stretch. He didn't shoot a jump shot. . . . There's not enough that could be said about him.'(Salt Lake Tribune - Fisher's timely return sparks Jazz O.T. victory, 2-0 series lead)

I've seen a lot of basketball in my time, but I don't think I've seen a more fascinating and dramatic game. Take these memorable moments: Dee Brown's neck nearly snapping under Okur's weight; Fisher walking into the game in the 3rd; Williams lofting a perfect last-second shot; and Fisher snapping off that 3 in over time.

Oh my.

Hey, I predicted the Jazz would make it to the second round after their first game of the season. I'm predicting they'll tough it out to the 3rd now. They'll have a rough time in Oakland tomorrow, however, but I think they might just steal a game there.

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  1. That game was amazing! I freaked out at the end when we were down but nope, they pull it out and look like they mean it in OT. I am with you about their hopes from here on. (Don't want to jinx it by saying it twice!)