Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Big lights

Given that the NBA has seen fit to use its evil might to deny the cable-refusing public (well mostly cable-refusing, given that I have broadband cable) the ability to see most of the play off games, we are forced into finding alternative reception methods. For most of the play off games, friends and I have been heading to local drinking establishments. Tonight, however, we took advantage of the ever-popular Brewvies:
...again on Tuesday we will be showing Game 5 of the second round playoffs between the Jazz and Warriors. Tipoff is at 8:30 PM. (Brewvies Cinema Pub - Home)
It was a tight game, made even more enjoyable by the big screen. Middlebrow was there as was the regular Wilhelm crew.

Jazz won.

Oy. Bring on the hmm Suns?


  1. Swear to God Brewvies would clean up here in Flagstaff. Anyway, you don't want any part of my boys. The NBA, though, is making it quite difficult for the Suns to advance, due to questionable suspensions to Amare and Boris. Please explain to me how Horry body-checks Nash to the wall (with 5 friggin seconds left in the game) and the Suns take the hit from the league by getting 2 of their best players suspended for walking 20 ft. away from the bench. I guess they don't call him "Big Shot Rob" for nothing.

  2. I so agree with you, sc in az--next to the Jazz, I love the Suns. And I hate Robert Horry (Lakers history, should say it all.). Am so interested to see how it all shakes out. Also am so tired of the damn Spurs being synonymous with "invincible." They are a pain in my ass.

  3. Spurs--Pain in my ass-- maybe they were meant to be that way. Drink a beer and yell at the screen for me Orris.

  4. I couldn't believe the round 2 home games were not televised--I too am a broadband, cheap cable user. I've caught the last few games at hotels as we are in SF. Before that we listed to Hot Rod on the radio.

  5. I had to go to the Baja Fresh (!) to see Utah pull out that game in OT.... What is the world coming to?