Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Salt Lake Tribune - MONSON: Hate to say it, but Monday's crowd was classless

As I heard and saw the chaos and contempt in EnergySolutions Arena, I reflected back on the old Boston Garden crowds of the Larry Bird-era. Those were knowledgeable fans who picked their spots to let the refs hear and know about their displeasure. But it wasn't constant. It wasn't incessant. It wasn't paranoid, booing as though somebody was out to get them. (Salt Lake Tribune - MONSON: Hate to say it, but Monday's crowd was classless)
I know you've been here for a while, but welcome to the Beehive State, Gordo! Recall, after all, the many people who opine that Rocky Anderson, instead of someone speaking his mind, is an "embarrassment to the state"--the entire freaking state! Recall, as well, that people actively get worked up (and embarrassed) over an overwrought, over-acted series like Big Love because it is set in big lovin' Utah and comes too close to the seamier side of 19th century Mormonism. You might also recall the desperate seeking for attention when some quasi disaster occurs in our pretty, great state, such as when California suffers horrible wildfires, and inevitably the local TV news will find some odd brush fire in Utah to compare as if to say "see we have a fire too!" just like cool California! Furthermore, recall the endless hand wringing before the Olympics about "what the world thinks" with the unspoken undercurrent of "fuck the world!" (Although I suppose in local parlance it would be "fetch the world!") Most of the time Utah seems to be a very passive-aggressive kind of place: a place where people get worked up about being persecuted or, on the flip side, live in a continual state of embarrassment because they live in Utah (for Christ's sake!)

At least, I suppose, with last nights bad behavior that, while not quite on the Detroit-level of crowd violence, does give Utah Jazz fans a reason to be hated and a reason to be embarrassed. Welcome to Utah: it definitely is a state of mind.


  1. Have you given a listen to this?

    Look at Act Two.

  2. Okay, Monson might be right. But that flurry of technical fouls was awful. Bad calls. Bad. "Classless" is a bullshit descriptor of a sporting audience, anyway.

  3. Cordelia--Yes I've heard it.

    lisa b--well I hate to agree with that half-wit Monson on anything, but the crowd was boorish at best. Nothing justifies the poor picked-on whiny attitude that I've heard vomited at me from some Utah fans these last 2 days. You should have heard the radio version of it. Yes Hot Rod was on the refs about the technicals, but he also quite clearly pointed out that the Jazz were a joke in their passing throughout most of the game. This game was not lost by the refs; it was lost clearly and simply by a fumbling Utah Jazz.