Saturday, July 01, 2006

"Who Killed the Electric Car?"

Hopefully this movie will catch as much attention as Gore's with less of the political ranting against it: Who Killed the Electric Car? The problem with Gore's movie is, of course, that by featuring himself so prominently in the narrative role the movie has necessarily become a target for political windbags to carp on. Gore should have stayed behind the scenes.

Sadly, I will be unable to see Who Killed the Electric Car in good old car-obsessed Utah. Oh well. I'll just drive down to the WalMart and get myself some cheap crap at low low prices.

Fuck that shit.

Update: I just wrote the following to Tori Baker of the Salt Lake Film Society (they run the Tower and the Broadway theaters in SLC.)

I wonder if there is anyway of bringing Who Killed the Electric Car to SLC? ( The movie was featured on NPR's Science Friday yesterday. Sadly I noted that it is not playing anywhere in Utah.

Keep up the great work. I really enjoy going to the Broadway and the Tower.

--[Theorris Boonasty]

I encourage you to write to the SL Film Society too if you are at all interested in seeing the movie play in Utah. Here is Tori's email address:

Update 2 (3 July 2006):

Good news, sort of....
Keep an eye on our website and e-mails we're trying to get this film, but I'm not sure if Sony is going to sell it to us.


  1. Anonymous2:36 PM

    One upsetting thing about living in Austin is that they insist on playing music all day on npr instead of airing shows like science friday.

    John T.

  2. I too want to see this movie, so I will e-mail.