Friday, July 21, 2006

Disc Golf Anyone?

Portable Disc Golf
Originally uploaded by Theorris.
LateJC aka Catinlap purchased a portable disc golf basket which we put to good use yesterday evening in the East end of Sugarhouse Park. Go to Discarama and see more adrenaline-filled pictures!

The park, as you can see, is terribly over-watered. I believe that the water they use, however, is pretty much only designated for Sugarhouse Park and when it runs out the park gets no more water. I am not 100% certain of this. If you wander through any part of Sugarhouse Park, however, you will note that the grass is pretty much soggy a lot of the time. This differs markedly from the park just down the way (Fairmont) which is not over-watered (or even moderately-watered). SLC Salt Lake County Parks Department has some weird fetish for Sugarhouse Park and its grass.


  1. Sugarhouse Park: the Flagship park, and let the other parks rot in hell! If it's like in West Jordan, I think they've got water that is okay (my scientific explanation) to use for watering--for the soccer fields, for example. I heard that somewhere official, and decided not to worry about it anymore.

    I admire your summer activities and their accoutrements.

  2. Ultimate frisbee is funner!

  3. I have yet to play disc golf. But if my disc golf is anything like my traditional golf, well cars and people better watch out.

  4. LB: WJ Park has their own special well, as I recall. Sugarhouse Park is apparently managed by the county under the "Sugarhouse Park Authority." It would seem they have little intention of following SLC's water conservation efforts, even if they do have their own water.

    Steve: Says you! Actually I quite like ultimate frisbee too. Now whether it is more fun than disc golf is a tough call as they are completely different sports.

    MB: You're good at the throwing sports. You'd be a ringer.