Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Straight out of the UK

Straight out of the UK
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The Book of Dave I ordered from arrived the other day. I'm already a good deal into it. Despite his misogyny, Dave is a fairly complex character beset with a variety of problems most of which seem to stem from his inability to accept who he is and that he has problems which he must rely on others to help him out with.

The book is divided between Dave's desperate life in modern-day London and a distant future where the natives of flooded-out London speak a taxi-driver/l337 dialect and live their lives (or so I've gathered) based on the rants of Dave. The men and the women, for example, live separately simply because Dave and his wife are acrimoniously divorced. Dave, as well, is said to be watching from his "rearview" or "mirra" where he sees everything that the "fares" do.

So far the novel is just as interesting and inventive as I expected. I'm puzzling out, however, what the relationship is going to be between Dave and the people he has inspired in the future. Are they working out some sort of misogynist society or will that be over thrown by the more rebellious people of "Ham" who seem to violate Dave's "rules" to their own peril. Will Dave himself ever reconcile his problems with women?

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  1. ahh, the rebellius people of 'Ham'. Beware of them.