Tuesday, July 18, 2006

From the only in Utah desk

I received this in the morning mail from Candace:
Run with the Goddesses

A sprinkle of goose feathers, a dash of creek, roll in a coat of dirt, kick a little trail running butt, and you have a divine race.

XTERRA Utah Scramble presents a trail run to benefit Avalon Isle, Women’s Theatre Group.

Who: From beginning runners to elite athletes, all ages
What: 10k and 5k races – Dress up like your favorite God or Goddess! Prizes will be awarded for best costume.Link
When: Saturday, July 29th, 9:00 a.m.
Where: Wheeler Historic Farm, 6351 South 900 East
Register: http://www.active.com/event_detail.cfm?event_id=1304366

Don’t like to run but still want to donate; you may donate to Avalon Isle at the above website. Questions about Avalon Isle, contact Candace at avalonisleslc@yahoo.com
For more information about the race see www.utahscramble.com or email clark@utahscramble.com

Avalon Isle is dedicated to creating feminist theatre. Our purpose is to offer feminists an opportunity to express their voice through performance art. Avalon Isle welcomes all men and women who support these goals.
Eventhough I suppose they are referring to Greek gods, I could paint myself blue and go as Rama, but that might be sacreligious. Then again Hindus do dress up as Hanuman. Hanuman would be far more fun. He's a monkey and can leap like the dickens.

Do you think anyone will have the chutzpa to show up as Jesus?

Yeah, they will. This is Utah, after all and people show up regularly in what some might term sacreligious garb. I expect some heavenly mothers, too.

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