Wednesday, July 26, 2006

"High Brow Meets Low Brow in Sugarhouse Home"

In Utah This Week.

It doesn't look like all the pictures are showing up online. Oh well.

I suppose it is not all that embarassing. At least I got a clean bedroom out of it. Jeff's bedroom is always clean so I guess he got free publicity for his art.

I'm glad she mentioned Derek Mellus's cool box, even if it doesn't show up online (click on the link to see it, however)

By the way, does the combination of high brow and low brow mean that I'm middle brow? Middlebrow, what do you think?


  1. Crazy, I always knew the Wilhelm would become famous.

  2. Wow. It reminds me of one of those fancy articles in the NYTimes Sunday Magazine where they do the same thing with famous people. You're a SLC celeb (ish)!

  3. very nice. I think you have as much creative energy as anyone I've met.

  4. What a kind thing to say. Thank you, ron.