Friday, July 07, 2006

Like a Democratic Christmas in July

To quote Steve over at Orbiter Dicta:
Life is tough when you have tens of thousands of dollars sitting around or when you're confronting a behemoth incumbent like Senator Orrin Hatch. Those are the predicaments that Senator Barbara Boxer (her PAC for a Change, that is) and Pete Ashdown find themselves respectively in.

Here's how you can help them: Go to candidate voting page of Senator Boxer's PAC and vote for Pete Ashdown. If he wins, Senator Boxer can unload her excess money on Ashdown's campaign. It's a win-win situation.

SLCSpin and Utah Democrats have already done their part to help these two politicians. (Orbiter Dicta, Pete Ashdown and Senator Barbara Boxer need you help)

I voted for Pete to get the money.

Update: Steve has an important correction on Orbiter Dicta (q.v.) The money from Boxer's campaign apparently doesn't go directly to the candidate who wins, but he or she will gain free publicity from it.

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  1. theorris,

    Thanks for the nod! I added a link to my post from my blog to include you in the action.