Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Wook and the Family Stone

Wook and the Family Stone
Originally uploaded by Theorris.
When we lose a housemate, the other ones and I seem to take over their previous space to make a creative arts room. Wook and his crew found a space in the former Bone Yard.

I turned the old music room study into the new guest room. It is an exciting adventure to be a guest at the Wilhelm. You should give it a try some time. We even have a climbing wall nub, a broken snowboard, a Chinese hat and plenty of shelf space and a furnce in your guest suite.

My academic garb has been transfered, and I sit here typing away in my full regalia* listening to posh music and using words like posh while Wook and the Family Stone cheer me on with my view to the south--the same direction that the on again mostly off again camera that I don't remember the link to (but you can find it in the archive) looks out on (Never mind here is the link to the Wilhelm Cam with lashings of great joy.)

Ah the joys of domesticity.

Fuck that shit, I need a beer.

*I wore my regalia once as a great costume for Death (I manufactured a sickle out of my old old apartment's stair rail--I wonder why I didnt' get my deposit back) and it still has the white face make up all over it. That shows you how much I wear that freaking thing.


  1. Is that...was that...Wookie Feng Shui?

  2. Is candy stick surgery needed on one of those guys?

  3. yeah the guy in the back.