Sunday, February 05, 2006

Stuff that dreams are made on

For about a week now I've been having dreams that feature my childhood. I am a child in them. They are not really memories as I am fairly confident that the events did not really occur in my childhood. They are more like an impression of what my adult self thinks my childhood was.

Nevertheless it takes me a moment to decide when I think back on them whether the dreams are real memories or are just a dream. I suppose, after a while, if I kept having the same dream I could be convinced that it really was a memory. That is kind of like how some people who repeat a lie to themselves begin to believe the lie has basis in reality. The human mind is so malleable and fallible, and states of awareness of "reality" is just one tiny aspect of the difficulties the mind presents. Among others there is perception problems, sensory confusion, chemical imbalance, schizophrenia--hell just break out the DSM-IV to see all the myriad ways the human brain/mind can be fucked up.

We really are a couple of synapses shy of a full load as humans, aren't we?


  1. I love the new look of the blog.

  2. the dsm-iv is one of my favorite books. yes, i have issues.

    you linked my blog! thanks for the endorsement.

  3. I dreamt I was flying on a giant donut over the grand canyon. I'm pretty sure that never happened during my childhood.

  4. You're welcome, sarahbellum.

    As to the DSM-IV I know many people who either reader or are featured within its pages. Sometimes both. Usually neither.

    KK: are you sure? Are you sure you are not just dreaming you are in Korea?

  5. I will also fix the spelling of your name, Sarah. My apologies.

    Jason: we should get you a new layout. Something Middlebrow would be good. Perhaps you could create a web-design taxonomy?

  6. I too love the new look.

    I know it's a cliche, but I think that dreams indicate the brain's poetic capacity.

  7. That's an interesting theory, could you explain that further, lisa?


  8. I've been having a lot of work-related stressmares lately, which is strange, because I rarely stress about work. Me agitated methinks! Me like soothing new blog aesthetic, Succotash!