Monday, February 20, 2006

Calendaric mossification

Lord almighty I love Presidents Day!* What a great idea: the third Monday in February where you can take the day off and really have no obligations other than sitting around wondering why the hell you have this day off.

I have friends who hate the month of February. If I made a top ten list of months, February would be right up there, I think. Not just because of the wonderful Presidents Day holiday, but also because I sort of consider it my month, as my birthday falls right before it and pretty much the whole month is devoted to my astrological sign: Aquarius.

Oh, so what are my top ten months, you ask? Well here you go:

1) July because it is summer and you have to respect that kind of heat and the fun that it can entail.
2) February because it is the shortest month of the year and it is winter and you get pointless days off where you can clean your kitchen and do laundry without having to rush off to work.
3) September because september just makes me think of how good it is to be out of August and how we who used to be in quarter-system academia used to get nearly the whole month off to do whatever.
4) May because it is the new september in the semester system.
5) June because spring really sets in in Utah and it quickly converts to summer.
6) November because it is pretty much winter and all that fall crap is over.
7) April because it usually starts out fucking with you (ala April fools day) but by the end it is pretty much still fucking with you. You've got to respect a month that is so completely undecided. Cruelest month? Nah. Just messed up.
8) August because it is annoyingly hot but in a good and bad way.
9) March because I said so.
10) December because I like the dark.

Worst months? Well there are only 2 left, so they must be January and October. Why those two? Hmm. My birthday is in January, so that's not why. Perhaps they just don't really offer anything that is interesting to put in a top 10. January is just messed up. October is in the heart of fall, which has its appeal, but doesn't really appeal to me right now.

Maybe I like those two months the best? Hmm.

Ah, Presidents Day, when I can ramble about nothing for no reason. Kind of like our presidents, eh?

*Note that it is Presidents Day not President's Day or Presidents' Day. The particular president nor his presidential predecessors does nor do not own it. Actually it was the sneaky Republican way of getting out of paying employees for two federal holidays (i.e. Washington & Lincoln's birthdays.)


  1. My top five months (in case you were wondering):
    1. November because it finally gets cold and then there's Thanksgiving.
    2. May because it's still not horribly hot and school is out.
    3. March for it's Irish-type weather, holiday and Spring Break.
    4. December because I only work for half the month.
    5. July because there's always a possibility of travel.

  2. I love the idea of making a top ten list of something there's only twelve of.

  3. Yes next I will be doing the top ten list of voting choices: yes, no, or abstain.

  4. I'm with you on July--I love july and not because I'm overtly patriotic or something. It seems that I can enjoy July even if I'm real busy or on some burdensome committee. July is unwilling to give into stress and panic.

  5. I love February in LA. It gets up to about 80 degrees some days, it rains a lot, the skies get clear, it gets frigid for a few days, the warm Santa Ana winds blow in, the last couple of years there were incredible lightning storms. It's like a whole year's weather in 28 days (except for autumn leaves, of course, and snow...).

  6. my favorite months are those containing warm sunny days, lots and lots of them. how many minutes until summer?