Thursday, February 23, 2006


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Nothing to write today.

Just a picture that says something to me.

I laughed aloud when I first spotted the scrap of paper. It relieves the sadness of seeing the toothless prostitute who was scamming cigarettes in front of the 4th South 7-Eleven in return for sexual favors. She got a pack of Old Golds from a very seedy looking guy who bought them instead of Marlboros after the attendant told him the price difference. "Thanks for saving me some money, ma'am!" He said joyfully as he left the store to return to the prostitute with the goods. They then took off around the corner of the building, no doubt to some litter strewn alley for the pay off.

"You're welcome," the attendant said and motioned for me to step forward to the counter.

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  1. i used to see questionable women digging through the ash tray at the seven eleven by the U. They didn't really offer any favors, i think they just wanted to recycle.