Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Getting all political on your asses

I sent this email to a colleague today
Aren't those [Utah] legislators doing a bang-up job! Whew, now I won't have to worry about being descended from a monkey and I can put a giant billboard in my backyard and my neighbors can just fuck off!
Snipe. Snipe. Snipe.

Aren't you glad I don't rant about politics more often? In any case it looks like the monkey bill will probably fail and the zoning one is being retooled since even its sponsor admited that it went too far.

Oh well, cheap shots are just as good as expensive ones, I suppose.


  1. the more rants the better...

  2. the monkey bill made it out of committee--now, onto the floor. My hopes are not high.

  3. with the change in language I think it passes. I hope the debate goes away even if it passes but it probably won't--this means more bad moments for me on Sundays.