Friday, June 03, 2005

That's not the only thing that is flaring

Ah, wonderful, Utah is going to take up the evolution issue. So, is Mr. Buttars going to push for a revised history curriculum that promotes the belief that Native Americans arrived in the Americas via a boat from Jerusalem?


  1. Wait, you're saying Native Americans didn't arrive on a boat from Jerusalem?

    Oh, okay. Did you or anyone else read that article in a recent New Yorker about the so-called science behind intelligent design? It was a good article.

  2. I should would like to take a gander at the Utahn curriculum for Astronomy.

  3. er..sure would, that is.

  4. I didn't see the New Yorker, article, but I will look for it.

    And I can't wait until Mr. Buttars confronts the fundamentalist Christians on the LDS interpretation of things.

    Utah is the test ground for many religious obsessions. The fundies are no friends to the LDS (as they have always known.) I see the so-called relgious right cracking at the foundation.

  5. damn Chris Buttars. . . damn him.