Sunday, June 12, 2005

"I said let's have a beat"

Sleepy E's comment about a new possible wookie production got me poking around iTunes on this rainy SLC morning. I had heard a couple of Bobby Byrd's tunes before, and recalled "Hot Pants" when I heared it (its riff has been sampled many times in various hip hop ventures). Byrd, however, doesn't have any albums on iTunes, but instead is in a compilation of James Brown assoctiates called James Brown's Funky People (in two parts.)

In this album, however, I found someone more interesting than Bobby Byrd (or even Maceo Parker, who I know a lot more about): Myra Barnes. Barnes was in Brown's troup and had two hit songs "Super Good" (a direct response to Brown's "Super Bad") and "The Message from the Soul Sisters" which has the funkiest piano riff I've heard in a long time. I know it has been sampled somewhere, but I just can't place it.


  1. I admit, these two Myra Barnes tracks are superior if Wookie Pimp is on a smoothed-out R&B tip. But for pure ass-shakin horns, it's hard to beat Bobby Bird. Perhaps you should ask Wook which is the "most organic" for his character.

  2. I wasn't suggesting using the Myra Barnes tracks for the movie-ette; I was just admiring the music.

  3. I won't have my vision compromised!

  4. Writers!

    Hee hee.

    I should make some production tee shirts with that as the movie's tag line.