Thursday, June 30, 2005

Courtesy of X-Mission

So I had the pleasure of leaving work early today to make up for a couple of late nights this week, and I'm having what LisaB has come to characterize as an "urban experience." (Pardon me, Lisa, if I got the term wrong.) Rather than go get my haircut as I had planned, I decided to take the train to have curry and find a new book at Sam Weller's . SW now has complimentary wireless, so I got a short americano and sat down at their funktastic tables with a view of patrons and of people on the street:

  1. Outside down by an Italian ice cart a woman sits at a table sobbing. She looks homeless and no one around her pays her any attention.
  2. Over in the corner, two business men are in the corner negotiating some contract. They are arguing the finer points.
  3. A homeless guy in a trucker hat and torn jeans asks for a cup of hot water. They accomodate him.
  4. A pair of teens in matching stoner clothes (one with rasta hat, one with wanna-be dredlocks) order cheese danishes and ice coffees. They have stoner eyes.
I've come to SW to find a new book. Something. Anything. I've read too much Hah Jin lately (War Trash and Waiting) and it has me in a reading funk. But for now I sit and sip my coffee and think about what kind of book I would like to read.


  1. Anonymous4:43 PM

    was the sobbing lady's head on the chess table? because after i had curry for lunch, as i was playing hooky from work, i think i saw the same sobbing lady, only she was not sobbing at the time.


  2. Hi Tina,

    Yeah that was her.