Saturday, June 25, 2005

'Son, make your life go here. Here's where the peoples is. Them mountains is for animals and savages.'

There is probably nothing more boring than reading about the woe and intrigue of blogging templates, but what the hell! Heregoes:

This morning I woke to find that for whatever reason the Blogger was now not liking my template. Bascially it was putting the latest entry's title in the proper spot and then putting the entry itself way down the page just below the side bar box. I didn't really want to dig into the style sheet for the page and I could see nothing wrong in the HTML code for the template, so I just decided to bag that craptastic, thrown-together template, and go for something new. (I also temporarily replaced the template with Blogger's most simple one, as Cordelia noted, since that white space annoyed me so. Apparantly the font size on that one was really big for the sight impared.)

At first I looked around the web for ready-made templates (my how lazy I have become), but seeing nothing I liked and feeling shame at the thought of using someone else's stuff, I decided to buckle down and learn all the stupid little tags that Blogger uses. The result is before you. It uses fan-damn-dancy cascading style sheet stuff and hoot-tooting layers rather than the tables I usually use.

The green and leafy scheme is meant to contrast the hot and stony front end It is analogous to how I see Utah: hot, rough-cut red-rock desert contrasted with wet and verdant mountains. That's what summer is all about here in the the marrow of the world.


  1. The colors are easy on the eyes and yet at the same time stimulating. It's a nice change.

  2. You're, like, Yoda or something, web-wise. I bow down. And don't pretend that it's not amazing, because it is. And, a nice surprise, the difference, even before you explained it.