Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Faux Claritin[TM]

Faux Claritin[TM] allergy pills have given me back my super power of being able to get only a few hours sleep and show no ill effects. I know it is a fake super power, since when I stop taking said 24 hour quasi crystal meth (it is mostly pseudafedrine, after all), I will crash and have a nice good window rattling snooze (yes, indeed, I snore loud enough to wake the cows.) I am quite uncertain why they make these pills last for 24 hours, since they have the tendency to keep you on top of your game for all of those 24 hours (aside from some light sleep), particularly at 3 am when one is jolted awake by the pill kicking in again.

Ah well, during this time I've been able to listen to The Growing Pains of Adrian Mole on BBC7. This is a radio rendition of the books by Sue Townsend. Mole is an interesting character: hugely over dramatic like kids are at that age, but not unbelievable. At first he is a perfectly naive narrator, unable to really comprehend what is going on around him (such as his parent's various affairs). In his mid to later teen years (the subject of "Growing Pains") he has adopted the guise of a "existential nihilist." It is amusing, however, how much that guise slips even in the narration of the diary and how the naive-side pops right back out.

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  1. People have been known to stroke out on that stuff.