Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Taxicab love

Taxicab love

You said our love was like a bus on route
But the bus driver suffered a heart attack
And now we're careening out of control
About to slam into a Geo Metro
Driven by Death himself--black clad,
Chalky white grin from ear to ear
(If he had ears beneath that itchy
Cool cowl) but death has no ears to hear
The screams of helpless passengers
Or eyes to see that he is driving
Straight into the out-of-control city
Bus of our love

Your analogy made me sad
Because I'd paid full fare
But you got on with your
Student pass

I brace myself for impact
But you’ve already popped
The emergency escape hatch
And bailed, shoulder rolling
To safety

I knew we should
Have just taken a cab.


  1. Also, as I said before, "your analogy made me sad," is a very good line. Very good.

  2. Ah young analogical love. All this poetic exploration of love has gotten me thoughtless searching the Internets with the search term "what women want in a man." Funny.

    We should have a project with the quatrameter you mentioned earlier. Perhaps Dr. Write might be up for it? Middlebrow might favor us with a formal poem too?

  3. Instead of "thoughtless" I should have said "mindlessly." I found myself mindlessly typing that in to my newly invogorated PowerBook (thanks Sony for making explosive batteries and giving me a brand new one!) while watching the baseball game last night. My mind was obviously not on baseball.