Wednesday, October 18, 2006

My mountain home

In Utah you get about 3 weeks of the year where you can actually wear a light jacket and not freeze your ass off or (on the other end of the specturm) burn it up:  1.5 weeks in the spring and 1.5 weeks in the fall.

It is twenty-seven-freaking-degrees outside my people.  Twenty-seven-freaking-degrees.

Man it is great.


  1. We haven't hit that low out in West Jordan--still hanging on to the last above the freeze mark weather. I love the cool days/nights, though. This weather is my favorite.

    It is hard, hard, hard to get up in the dark, though.

  2. Park city forced me to face the ugly fact that winter is coming and sweaters are to be shelved until the thaw of spring.