Saturday, October 14, 2006


Outcasts, originally uploaded by Theorris.

This shit is all gone.

How the fuck did I end up with "My Lady's House Plants" anyway? I remember the 70s crap and Return of the Native is a spare copy (sadly that paper back was a remnant of high school) and 2001 is another double copy. There are some religious texts that I have no idea why I have hung on to and some pretty stupid yard sale grabs being thrown out. My sadest desertion, however, has to be the operation manual for Stephen Wolfram's Mathematica. It was given to me by some very good friends back in the day and I recall have quite a time actually enjoying mathematics for once in my life playing with the program. (It is at the very bottom of the stack on the right.)

Sundee morning update: Just about done with the whole library. The outcast pile has grown considerably.


  1. maybe you have untended to plants in your life who planted the book???

  2. Here's how sad I am--I had a fleeting impulse to ask you if there was any poetry in your outcast pile. As if I need another book to add to the sad stacking.

    Well, is there any poetry?

  3. The only poetry outkasts are in anthology form--nothing new or interesting there. I am very selective about my poetastic purchases and would be hard-pressed to consider getting rid of any of them.

  4. Well the books are going to the thrift store, so it is just auf wieder sein, I think.

  5. Anonymous12:22 PM

    oh no! not the old 2010 anthology! doesn't that one contain such classics as "I rivethead?" seems I remember that from the two weeks I was in your class that one time back in '95...