Saturday, October 14, 2006

Amusing things you find while organizing your library or your host at 19


So am I intellectually skeptical of the rather awkwardly seated discussion, or just pining for the cute blonde girl I had a crush on who has the book we were discussing so elaborately displayed on her desk? (Note: I was not in the second class, but you Utah alumni will recognize OSH in all its 80's glory!)

I think I still have that shirt, by the way. My hair was 20 years before its time too.


  1. OMG, look at those eyebrows. You remind me of Timothy Dalton in that butchered version of Wuthering Heights.

  2. Those are not my eyebrows. Those are just the whole eye. i had to scale down the image quality due to its huge file size.

  3. Anonymous10:05 AM

    OSH in 60's glory? Nothing's changed in 40 years, my friend

  4. Just the people who sit in it.