Thursday, October 19, 2006

In case of Emergency, Malibu!

In case of Emergency, Malibu!, originally uploaded by Theorris.

Boy this rental car really does make me feel like I'm cruising down the Coastal Highway. Ah the plush plastic interior.

Why do you think GM put the emergency flasher button so close to the name plate? Note how the 80s-computerific lettering leans into the wind.


  1. I drove a 71 Chevy Malibu in high school. Man it was a beast! It had a 350 engine and the police would follow me like I was about to take off at any moment. I'll bet Tif remembers my Malibu! I had to put my gigantic boom box on the front seat next to me if I wanted a car stereo.

    What were those seats called before bucket seats took over? Bench seats? I loved that giant seat all the way across. I miss those.

  2. That car was the shit and the best of the shit was you starting it up by remote.