Saturday, October 14, 2006

Schoedinger and Sartre sittin' on shelf, K.I.S.S.I.N.G.....

Because I was so pissed off at not being able to find a book the other week, I have started on the Great Library Reorganization of 2006. I have chosen the most arbitrary of organization systems: alphabetization by author's last name. I would prefer a more esoteric system (such as by subject matter) but screw that, I'm going for arbitrary order in my booky universe. Some of the shelf pairings are amusing. I will amuse you with them when I get the gumption. (I'm only bout a 1/8th way through the library, I think.)

I've also diligently been entering the books into the librarything goobersmack.


  1. 1. Did you pay for the big Library Thing membership? I've been selective, sort of, about the books I put on there because I haven't paid yet--I just have the small membership.

    2. For the Great Library Reorganization project here, we need more shelves. I shudder to contemplate the stacks of books that have no home--not the alphabetical by author's last name home, not the subject matter home. They live in stack-ville, organized by pile of subject matter. It's sad.

  2. I went ahead and bought me a membership. Like many things computer-related, I'm sure I'll regret it. It is forcing my scottish soul, however, to put my books in order (thus not wasting my money!)

  3. I too have the free LibraryThing membership. But it's tempting to buy the lifetime membership and put my entire library online.

  4. Do it, Middlebrow! Do it!

  5. I so hate it when I can't find a book. Often I will curse some unknown person who borrowed it only to later find it in my office at work or in "stack-ville." The whole of my organizational strategy is this: one bk case for non-fiction except for top two shelves for all the bks we've read in our bk club whether they are fiction or nonf; one bk case for ya/ch lit; one bk case for adult fiction; many piles of books I'm either getting to very (yeah right) soon or had some fancy in at one point and pulled out of amazing organizational pattern.

    Plus all the bks I have at my office that I imagine I might need. Unfortunately having bks in my office causes me great distress especially in the summer when I'm not on campus much which then necessitates carrying many bks to home where they sit in piles during the summer (just in case I might need them in a pinch) and then are returned to the office in the fall.

    Quite frankly I'd rather lose something expensive than a book I've labored over and written in.