Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Shouldn't I be Sleeping?

71/365: Shouldn't I be Sleeping?
Originally uploaded by Theorris

What the hell? It is vacation and I wake up at 5:00 am!

While I was making my breakfast of eggs and bacon, I thought about heart attacks and the cholesterol=lowering benefits of oats. I put oats on my shopping list.

Maybe I should go walk in the mall and then yell at kids who may or may not be on my lawn. Damn kids these days.

Screw that. I'm going back to bed.

That mug, by the way, is from New York from friend Hopabout. It is called "Cat Tricks." The black one laying down is "Fetch." The one standing up like a meerkat is "Go Away." The persian is "Chase." You get the idea.


  1. you should be sleeping! and you should be eating oats. yum! I'm going to go eat some now.

  2. mmmm, oats. mmmmm, bacon.

    Also, you should be doing Pilates, evidently, since my word verification is "pladiati."

  3. Eat some oat bran and you, too, can have what looks like little pieces of plastic running through your system.

  4. My advice is to stay up later. And I think oats and bacon make a great breakfast, especially with maple syrup.

  5. I was up until 1:00 am, Dr.