Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The story so far...

The Earth Day Challenge has begun! So far (and I'll be updating this post as I see more action),

  1. Dr. Write has gone baggy-less for lunch.
  2. Arts Enthusiast is looking for a job she can walk to.
  3. Hightouchmegastore has put reusable shopping bags in her car!

I'm waiting to return home to post my initial earth-friend maneuver, since I also need to take a picture of it for the Earth Day Challenge flickr group, but I will note that it has something to do with, you guessed it, the toilet! Now I know you are looking forward to what I have to post!

In any case, I might note that I did retrieve my lunch bag from its nearly month-long trip to pantry isolation. Being out of town a lot really messes with bringing lunch to work. I suppose that could be my first day's thing, but a toilet is just so much more photogenic!

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