Saturday, April 19, 2008

Bag the bag

Here you go, lisa b and Dr. Write: bag the bag! Link


  1. I like "insidious global tumbleweeds." Bag the bag! I have. Now how do we get our city to ban plastic bags?
    In Ireland, they started charging for plastic bags. Now everyone brings their own!

  2. I do like that line too, Dr.

    I think charging is a good way of getting folks not to use such bags, but possible a better way would be to make a deposit on them: that way people won't treat them as trash but as a commodity. I spent a large portion of my boyhood collecting bottles for their deposits. The deposit, of course, didn't stop people from tossing them out recklessly, but it inspired me to go clean them up. Imagine if we put a deposit on plastic of all kinds. Birds and sea life would not be the main collectors of it then.

    In any case, I think the best way to address this issue is to talk to your council member and your mayor. Rocky strove to get bottled water out of SLC. Maybe Becker can get plastic bags tossed.

    I will say, however, that I am heartened in this issue that Smiths and Albertsons both give credit to those who use reusable bags (along with traditionally conservation-friendly grocers like Whole Foods.) It would be great to see clothiers also offer said discounts.

  3. "insidious global tumbleweeds"--a great line that says it all. Must bag the bag. We do save our bags and then use them as garbage bags. does that count for something? of course we can't quite keep up and probably, sometimes, once in awhile throw a few away.

  4. p.s. sorry--somehow missed Dr W's note of that line.