Wednesday, April 16, 2008

DIY low-flow toilet!

DIY low-flow toilet!
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This is my first Earth Day Challenge activity: a DIY low-flow toilet. In sequence above is how it is done. Fr 1) Get a jar of some sort. Here I have secured a 1 quart Vlassic pickle jar. Open the toilet and get ready to 2) submerge said jar in the tank. It is important that you place the jar in the tank and not the bowl. Placing the jar in the bowl will cause nothing but sorrow. Placing the jar in the tank will save you, your local water constabulary, and the earth the amount of water your jar contains. 3) place the lid on the jar. This is strictly optional, as according to the laws of gravity water is not going to mysteriously fly out of the jar once the tank is empty, no matter if it desires to return to the ocean via the sewer system. 4) Be proud of your earth-friendly efforts.

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