Tuesday, April 01, 2008

No fooling

I've been too busy to even think of one prank to play on any one, let alone prank on the blog. I have, however, had the odd good idea that pops into my head about the blog:
  1. A "Fascinating Facts" series, since I apparently know a lot about nothing in particular (no doubt this will go the same way as all my other failed attempt at being consistent with any thing on this site).
  2. A discourse on places I have wanted to see in the past but no longer wish to see, accompanied by a similar discourse on places I would really like to see but most likely never will.
  3. A list of links for the Earth Day Challenge to inspire fellow travelers on conservation methods they can engage in.
  4. An inventory of the pens that have made their way into my pen bucket. (This one would be visual and perhaps haiku.)
  5. A tribute to odd socks. (Again visual, but not poetic.)
  6. A recap of the Jazz season with a clear explanation of their massively good second half of the season.
  7. A better review of Scott Kelby's 7 Point System than I posted on librarything.
  8. A post about the best prank I ever pulled: calling my sister, getting the answering machine, adopting a gruff voice and saying "This is Mike Jenkins of Utah Liquid Fertilizer. We've got 200 gallons of liquid fertilizer to deliver and are just calling to confirm when you can accept delivery." She fell for it and was calling frantically various businesses to see what the deal was.
Well I guess I have accomplished number 8, but I suspect I won't have time for the other nonsense and sense (#3) in May. Sucks for Earth Day challengers, I guess.

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  1. Anonymous12:35 PM

    "A discourse on places I have wanted to see in the past but no longer wish to see."

    This has haunting me all morning, so much so that I started my own version. I stopped though, when it turned into an exercise in melancholy beyond what I can afford right now.