Tuesday, April 01, 2008

It bodes

So for his second ever outing in the NBA, Fesenko was thwacked again. In his previous Jazz experience it was a elbow to the eye, which causes for instant court-side stitches. Last night it was a forearm to the nose (and more blood).

Talk about welcome to the NBA.

In other Fesenko news, my friend Hopabout saw him at the store buying flowers the Saturday before last. She speculated, of course, that he was going on a date. She found the whole experience of seeing him doing this "cute."


  1. I guess I need to keep watching when the jazz are losing or winning by big numbers--never even heard of Fesenko. By the sound of it he may not be around very long.

  2. Well given that Okur is now the Center that he wasn't last year, Fesenko is a good back up. He replaces the under-performing Collins.

    Fesenko is good trading fodder, I will admit, but he's young and he is good for being beaten up.

    Collins, while impressive at times, just doesn't seem to have the working class drive that it takes to be in his position.

    I should have added a 9 element to things I should write about: the class system in basketball.