Monday, March 10, 2008

It is all downhill from here

It is all downhill from here
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I went up to the World Superpipe Championship at the Park City Mountain Resort in Park City, Utah this weekend with friends. We were late, of course, since it was a Saturday morning and some numbskull decided it was a good idea to start the competition at 9:00 am. Consequently, we missed pretty much all the snowboarders, save the last 5 and Shaun White's victory lap, where he pushed the big air limits.

What the hell is up with the world? Why is this activity rewarded while I, as a fifth grader in 1975 had to go to the school nurse because of unfortunate contusions due to my skateboard wreck and, therefore, caused the banning of all skateboards at my elementary school?

Where is justice? I was not in pain. My friend Kevin Scheib and I were forced to go to the nurse because some ninny teacher thought we looked too banged up after we took the whole of the asphalt hill at my elementary school and wiped out, painfully, I will admit at the bottom.

I mean, my hell, did I witness the beginning of the end of being a kid in the US? Was it my fault they made our playground out of asphalt, and therefore made it perfect for a skateboard? Did I witness the point in time where, because their child stupidly decided that going down a somewhat steep hill with his best buddy in tow, parents decided that the school should be sued for it?

I guess so.

Thank god Shaun White's parent's didn't decide to sue whatever ski resort or skate park he beat himself up on.


  1. Hell yah! I actually used the word "ninny" in it fucking proper context. Ninny has to be one my favorite derisive terms. I think I will write a post about the appropriateness of the term.

  2. Anonymous10:38 PM

    nice shot

    nice ninny