Friday, March 07, 2008

Announcing Earth Day Blogging Challenge

Hey my fellow droogies (that is bloggers of the Internet's tubes), I have a challenge for you: starting on 16 April 2008, I challenge you to adopt one environmentally sound practice a day and follow it for the entire week ending on Earth Day (22 April) 2008 and then blog about it. So, for example, on day one, a blogger could decide to only use portable mugs rather than getting coffee in a paper or Styrofoam cup. The next day, she might decide to forgo plastic shopping bags for the rest of the week, while also getting her coffee in her portable mug. On day three she might decide to forgo bottled water. So she would put her new Nalgene in her reusable shopping bag while sipping on her portable mug of coffee. On day for she might forgo coffee altogether, given how far it has to come to get to get the idea. All the while she would be writing about her choices, I should hope not in a smug way, but I suppose if one adopts such a course, she can be a little smug.

Want to take part? I've created a Ning group for it: and will be sending out emails to those bloggers I have such contact information for.

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  1. I am down with this project and will get all registered through the thingie.