Saturday, March 22, 2008

36 to 26?

Oy, I have been watching far too much basketball since Thursday--given all the fun of the NCAA tourney and the horrific (and badly officiated) Jazz loss to the hated Lakers on Thursday, but, dear god almighty, how the hell can the Jazz be falling to the Sonics?

I know you are gloating, Middlebrow. I can sense it all the way over here.

Ok, that's better: Korver just scored a trey.

38/29 Seattle. I might be less pissed off at the Jazz.

Now as far as the NCAA: at least UConn and Duke are out. My odd bracket picks pay off!

UPDATE (10:32 pm) Ok, the Jazz pulled back together. I might add that they only did it because I went to watch them do it.

UCLA also squeaked out a win--damn.

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