Sunday, January 27, 2008

Other loves

Aside from the grand old Internet, I feel compelled to more fully answer Dr. Write's challenge by telling you what else I love. This will not be one entry, however, as I can't be assed to think that much about the topic.

The love of today, however, is a simple one: I love beer.

Ode to Beer

Beer, how do I love thee?
I shall not count the ways.

Your hoppy goodness thrills me on the coldest night
Or the hottest day

You are lovely in your yellowness
Slake my thirst
Make me giddy

Leave me enlightened
And oh so good looking

I sing to thee the highest of praise
Full of the true, the sallow Hippocrene
Oh for a draught of your brew
That hath been cool'd a long age in the deep-delved fridge
Oh for a beakerful of the cold North!

To pee! to pee!
To whiz, piss, or slash.
It is all the same.
What goes in, must come out,

But, lovely beer, you leave us
Better and happier.
Did you know one of the first poems ever written was about beer and onions. (I also love onions.)

I tag Kendrakoo, Sarahbellum, and Richelle to tell of their loves.

Update: Middlebrow is now tagged.


  1. Yes theorris! I too love beer. Beer and basketball. And books. I love things that begin with B.

  2. To B! B is the best letter in the alphabet (besides being the second.)

    I tag you too, MB.

  3. is this a literal tag? by literal I do not mean composed of words, as that is obvious, but one that exists somewhere, or am I supposed to just consider myself tagged as in 'tag, you're it' and then write about my loves?

  4. It is "tag your it: write about your loves." See Dr. Write and HightouchMegastore for a better idea of what the hell they did. I have terrible mish-mashed it.

  5. so ... not necessarily poetry...just love?

    i'm waiting for you to respond to president hinckley's death...

    i really thought you'd have something written here.

    (am i just sick?)

  6. No you're not sick, and I almost wrote something today about it in comparison to the lack of media coverage here in Utah of the death of the Greek Orthodox Arch Bishop, but I restrained myself.

    I have no comment on the death of Gordon B. Hinkley.

    Funny how my friend whose Dad was the Doctor to the "12 Apostles" called him "Darth Vader."

    Oops. No comment.

  7. I didn't know your dad was a doctor.

  8. I didn't say my dad was a doctor. I have a friend whose dad was said doctor.