Friday, January 25, 2008

New SigNo feature!

Since moving SigNo to, I've been able to avail myself of the advanced template features which allow a simple-minded blogger like myself to easily add layout components to her or his blog. Such components are things like blogrolls or image slide shows. (You can seem them to the right.) There is also a RSS feed discombobulator, that allows you to put a feed on your web page from another blog source. I've decided to make use of these handy feature to link to a "Commenter of the week." Such a commenter is someone who caught my attention usually by making me laugh out loud.

And our first featured commenter is......Dr. Write for her wry comment on my post about the extremely weird MP3 player/Tazer[TM] combo. My response, I fear, might not have been taken as comedy. I wrote several mocking moral outrage, but none seemed as good as the deadpan response I gave.

Who will be our next winner?

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