Thursday, January 17, 2008


I wrote this the other night, but didn't post it, as I was certain the malaise I was feeling was temporary:

After 6 years in this bloggy medium, I've pretty much lost interest. Do we count the 7 years of non-Web2, Web1 stuff too? that makes 13 years. Thirteen. There is, to add on top of that the 6 ambiguous years of whatever the hell that was. 19 years. 1988. And even then, even, 1987 I was toying with what was to become the Internet. 20 years.


And, by god, all the other shit that came before. Oh my.

My recent break from the Internet left me cold. I suddenly realized that I had left the Internet far behind, and I liked it. I could also say that the Internet left me far behind, but I still I liked it. Perhaps we're all just hitchhikers on the way to nowhere.

1987. Do you remember 1987? I do. I loved fucking around with various pre-Internet gizmos but very much connected programs. I liked the idea. I liked the connectedness.

Now? Now?

I need a break. I need something else.

It is what it is.

To paraphrase LCD Soundsystem, "Internet I love you but you're bringing me down."

So what does this mean?

It means I need to think.
It means I need to understand.
It means I need to let go.

Mysterious, eh?


  1. Everyone needs a break. In fact, I think I'm going to take one right now.

  2. What's funny is that now it's not really an option to let it all go. It's become my checkbook and my mail system. Is that why it's such a drudge? It's also my job and actually the computers are the best part of it.

    I think the creative part is gone. I haven't learned anything cool lately. Also I prefer to make more human contact than chatting.

    In my job we were just waiting for computers to be seen as another tool because who's afraid of a pencil. Now it's coming about and we're bored.

  3. Don't worry, soon computers will become self aware, rise up and take over the world. Nothing like total panic to throw one out of general malaise. Kidding.

    I sort of agree. I find myself at times dredging through multiple web-sites to find a trivial bit of info, like the average weight of the mosquito. Is that what the internet was built for?

    You can take your blog post, substitute "video games" in place of "internet" and that's my story.

  4. Damn internet!

    It is I that made the asinine comment above and not Kat. She was logged in and I failed to notice.

    Happy birthday by the way! I hope it was a festive one full of exclamation marks !!!!!!!!