Thursday, January 17, 2008

Jazz vs. Nuggets

Nothing much to say about the Jazz loss to the Nuggets. That's sad.

Sad, I say.


Not their loss or the game, but the fact that I have nothing to say about it.


Well maybe that really isn't all that sad because all I would have said was the Jazz still show their early potential, but fail to deliver. It doesn't look like the promising season I predicted way back in November. But that's just negatorino talk, neighborino (think Flanders*).

Shit, I said something about the game.

Now that's just even sadder.

*Why did the Simpsons Movie make Ned Flanders a rather sympathetic character? I rather like it, in all, given that he has been portrayed as a crazy zealot with a very complicated past in the TV show. He is probably the most developed character in the Simpsons oeuvre, in fact. Then again, all extraneous characters on the Simpsons have been show in various lights, save the Bumble Bee guy. I'm sure for season 20 they're working on him.


  1. I loved Flanders in the movie, esp. in the scene where he makes cocoa for Bart. Also, remember that Flanders dated Shawn Colvin in whatever season.

    as for the Jazz: the horror.

  2. Gives a different meaning to "life off, game on" eh?